heptex is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


HepTeX is a bundle of LaTeX packages, classes and BibTeX styles useful for particle physicists. The bundle currently includes

  • axodraw and feynmf, for Feynman diagrams
  • cancel and slashed, for Feynman slashes, "violation/missing" shorthand etc.
  • maybemath, for context sensitive maths (auto-bold in headings etc.)
  • hep, a convenience wrapper package for the other hep* packages
  • hepparticles, comprehensive macros for typesetting particle symbols
  • hepnicenames and heppennames, predefined sets of particle symbols using hepparticles
  • hepunits, an extension of SIunits to include HEP-specific units
  • hepthesis, a LaTeX class for PhD theses, with some features convenient for HEP
  • braket: typesetting of Dirac bra-ket state vectors
  • booktabs, a nice package for elegant tables (ok, so not HEP, but very useful!)
  • caption, for nice figure/table captions (again, not HEP, but everyone should use it!)

as well as a variety of BibTeX styles.


You can download the latest HepTeX release from our archive area.

Or see what activity is going on in our version control system.


To install, copy the texmf directory tree from this tarball into a location in your TEXINPUTS shell variable (if you have one). For example, you might copy it into $HOME/local, so that your personal LaTeX packages are in $HOME/local/texmf/tex/latex, your BibTeX styles are in $HOME/local/texmf/bibtex/and BibTeX database files are in $HOME/local/texmf/bibtex/bib. Your TeX-related shell variables should then be set (for bash shell) by putting something like

export TEXINPUTS=".//:$HOME/local/texmf/tex//:$TEXINPUTS"
export LATEXINPUTS=".//:$HOME/local/texmf/tex/latex//:$LATEXINPUTS"
export BSTINPUTS=".//:$HOME/local/texmf/bibtex/bib/:$BIBINPUTS"
export BIBINPUTS=".//:$HOME/local/texmf/bibtex/bst/:$BSTINPUTS"

in your ~/.bashrc file, or, for csh derivatives, putting

setenv TEXINPUTS ".//:$HOME/local/texmf/tex//:$TEXINPUTS"
setenv LATEXINPUTS ".//:$HOME/local/texmf/tex/latex//:$LATEXINPUTS"
setenv BSTINPUTS ".//:$HOME/local/texmf/bibtex/bib/:$BIBINPUTS"
setenv BIBINPUTS ".//:$HOME/local/texmf/bibtex/bst/:$BSTINPUTS"

in ~/.login, ~/.cshrc or ~/.tcshrc as appropriate.


  • Provide Phys.Lett., Phys.Rev. etc. BibTeX styles
  • Automate installation?